Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Stories Like Gina's

It does seem for Gina luck is not on her side
Her hens are not laying and her rooster has died
And sadder for Gina her far younger ex partner the virile young Ted
Is with one sexier and younger than she is now sharing a bed

Single and childless in her late fifties her better days in the past
Her brief fling with young Ted good whilst it did last
The news of his unfaithfulness to her painful to receive
And though she did love him she asked him to leave

For her it has not been a good week her lover from her gone
And though sad and disappointed life for her will go on
Of late her hens have not been laying her prize rooster is dead
Though better days of her may well be ahead

She can buy another rooster and her hens will lay again
And the ache of lost love with her will not remain
For every up in life there can be a down
And stories like Gina's belong to every town.

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