Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The God I Believe In

To the rights of the young and helpless i do lend my voice
In that i was baptized as a Roman Catholic i did not have a choice
To a god of any religion i no longer pray
Suppose it is each to their own or it should be this way

The god i believe in happens to be a she
And the beauty she creates i do not pay to see
The one who does create a beautiful flower
To me will always be the World's number one super power

There is also a god known as god of the mind
Who lives in the caring and compassionate and kind
To be without a religion should not be a sin
Since the power to do good can only come from within

No point going to church to your god for to pray
If of others untruthful things you choose to say
Respect to self or your god you do not pay
Since you are not living with honor if you live in this way

When i say i do not have a religion but i do have a god
You may look on me as one who is rather odd
The god i believe in is Mother Nature by name
To be the World's greatest force her enduring claim to fame.

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