Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Past Has Gone

The past has gone the future is ahead though today is all that does matter
And most in time do show their age and grow a little fatter
We learn as we live it is said though this may be worth debating
For some learn little if anything at all a fact that is worth stating
Most people learn as they live but there is always an exception
Some are not very good at all when it comes to self reflection
Why this should be not for me to say since others than me do know better
There is a difference between a farm dog and a pointer or a setter
That we should learn from life as we live ought to go without saying
But i am one who ought not to be talking since with rhyme words i keep on playing
When some friends of mine out of concern for me tell me i ought to give it away
Since for it i never receive any money as a reward for doing it in pay
The now is what matters since the past is behind us and the future ahead
And at the stroke of midnight a new day born and today will be dead.

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