Monday, February 6, 2017

The Rose Of Knocknagree

The memories of what was today are with me
She lives in my memory the Rose of Knocknagree
With hair to her shoulders wavy and brown
Dancing in the Star Ballroom in Millstreet Town

So athletic and tall and nimble on her feet
A star Of the Star in the Town of Millstreet
At nineteen or twenty five years short of her prime
But this is going back many Seasons in time

A beautiful person lovely to behold
But time ticks on quickly and beauty grows old
I often do wonder where she might be today
Did she partner or marry and have children or single did she stay?

She left Knocknagree in the bloom of the May
For to start a new life in a land far away
And the Star Ballroom in Millstreet through times changes did not last
And only remains as one more memory of the past

Good memories the decades of years does span
The Rose of Knocknagree when i was a young man
Brown hair and blue eyes with warmth and charm in her smile
A beautiful young woman free of conceit and guile.

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