Saturday, February 18, 2017

Those Who Feel They Are Irreplaceable

Those who feel that they are irreplaceable obviously do forget
That for them there too will be a last sunset
And when the last breath from their bodies has gone
Life in the World without them will go on

Many who thought they were irreplaceable are dead
But that everyone is replaceable in truth can be said
From the Reaper of lives there is nowhere to hide
The highest achievers in human history have died

The longest lived human life in time not long
And age as we know it does weaken the strong
The lives of the monarch, the president and the billionaire
The one who has the scythe of death does not spare

For all of us there is this last night and day
But everyone is replaceable despite what some think or say
You may think you are special but life in the World will go on
When the last breath of air from your body has gone.

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