Monday, February 13, 2017

When The Fat Lady Sing

The sound of applause is a beautiful thing
There is joy in the air when the when the fat lady sing
Where she entertain happiness does abound
Since she brings it with her and shares it around

Where she entertain in the lounge of the pub
Or the entertainment room of the sports club
Her beautiful voice so melodious and clear
To listen to always a joy for to hear

With long dark wavy hair to her shoulders and a big smile on her face
In the fat lady's mind for sadness there is no space
With her infectious charming personality everyday new friends she does win
Her sort does make the World better for to live in

To the sports club on Saturday evening happiness with her she does bring
There is joy in the room when the fat lady sing
Always bright and bubbly she leads in the song
And her fans feeling happy with her sing along.

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