Monday, February 20, 2017

Your Dog's Friendship

Human friendships are conditional why even pretend
Your dog is your only unconditional friend
For a few pats, a few words of kindness and a good feed every day
For as long as she or he lives your dog as your friend will stay
Stories of bravery of dogs we do read of and of hear
In the protection of his or her master the loyal dog shows no fear
The number one companion animal of people Worldwide
In protecting their human family many brave dogs have died
That the majority of human loves are conditional no need to wonder why
But conditions on loyalty and love to dogs does not apply
Forsaken by your spouse, partner or children but your dog true to you will remain
Your dog does not judge you for your lack of success or material gain
Your dog's loyalty and love for you over time only does grow
And a truer friend of her or him of you will never know.

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