Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Belinda And David

The moment Belinda met David for him it was love at first sight
She was so attractive and charming all smiling and giggly and bright
With wavy brown hair to her shoulders and beautiful nugget brown eyes
Love between them has lasted more than six decades of time in this many a sunrise
Belinda and David are octogenarians they have seen many years of life
Their great grandchildren teenagers in her he found a good and loving wife
After sixty years of being together their love remains ever strong
Their love has to be a true love since few loves known to last this long
Belinda and David do not use anti aging creams and hair dyes one might say they are aging with grace
In sixty years of living together many challenges they had to face
few marriages ever last this long as soul mates today they remain
A love of life and for each other together today they retain
Sometimes i see Belinda and David walking in the park hand in hand
That true love does not have a time limit is something i can understand.

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