Saturday, March 18, 2017

Diana The Beautiful

Not many true stories and lots of old wives tales
Of Diana the beautiful deceased Princess of Wales
Of how she lived and of how she died
On some ways she did not have luck on her side

Along with her driver and her partner Dodi Al Fayed she died in a car crash in France
Of surviving the massive impact all three did not stand a chance
Being pursued by the paparazzi as she had been for years
The news of her passing in many gave rise to tears

Like every other human being not one without a flaw
But to be flawed is to be human is part of natural law
She lived as a great person for to give to her what is her due
And that she deserved a far better ending to her life only happens to be true

For her work on behalf of anti land mines and the poor and for her kindness of heart
From most other royals one who did stand apart
But it was escaping harassment from the pursuing paparazzi why even otherwise pretend
That brought about for her an untimely and a premature end

For her endorsement of worthy human causes she carried the flame
Diana who lost her life due to her fame
Quite a beautiful looking woman in some ways quite shy
That the good do die young in her case does apply.

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