Monday, March 6, 2017

How Sad Very Sad

From their car in the park as they sip on their tea
They will never more see the moon rise over the sea
And they will never more talk of the beauty together they see
How sad very sad sometimes life it can be

He often thinks of her his deceased wife
His beautiful soul mate the love of his life
Until death devoted to him his ever faithful Ann
Without her life has become so sad for Stan

An octogenarian grandfather living on his own
One can say of him of happier days he has known
Three years ago his beloved Ann in her late seventies of stomach cancer died
Life is so sad for him without her by his side

Shuffling on the sidewalks on tired aging feet
Old Stan is one that i sometimes do meet
On his balding head hair of silver gray
He always does greet me with a cheerful good day

For every up in life there can be a down
People like Stan living in every town
Grieving for one they will never more see
How sad very sad sometimes love it can be.

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