Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I Am Not Into Competition

I am not into competition or being seen as one as good and clever
Or into self promotion i am one who would never
Say i am one better than anyone not even as a rhymer
I do have learned a bit from life as should any old timer
I never refer to myself as a poet i am not into self lauding
When others are reading their poems i am one of the applauding
I am today as i used to be before i left Duhallow
To travel in the World out there my dreams in life to follow
We all have our own weaknesses mine is a rhyming addiction
But something one does enjoy doing should not be a mental affliction
Some say why you have written so much rhyme there has to be some reason
I tell them it is something i enjoy and have been doing it for many a Season
I have never wished to be number one at anything let others have the glory
But like every other human being to tell i too have a life story.

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