Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I Am Not One Of Those

Success as most see it of i have not known
But why should i care much my life is my own
The opinions of others is their business and their business cannot be mine
And what they think of me with me is fine

The opinions of others do not worry me
On saying this i may sound arrogant this well may be
There are none of us perfect would you not agree
Of flaws like all others i am one who is not free

Success and failure at life's journey's end the same
The reaper of lives does not differentiate between the lives of the poor and those of wealth and fame
You will not find inequality where dead people lay
We all must return to Nature one day

What others say of me why should i much care
Since of my human weaknesses i am aware
That i can be quite arrogant i already know
I am not one of those who has the inner glow.

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