Wednesday, March 1, 2017

If Human Law Does Not Find You

If human law does not find you karma will one day
This i do believe in despite what some say
Though others may see it in ways differently
What goes around comes around is true to me

Bad seed to good plants are never known for to grow
This is also in Karma we reap what we sow
But it is each to their own and believe what you may
And i believe that for wrongs we do to others to Karma we pay

The one who helps the poor people of helping in need
For her or his future good Karma is planting the seed
By how we treat others in our lives every day
We give rise to our good or bad Karma since Karma works in this way

What we sow in life in return from Karma we will receive
This is something on which i do firmly believe
But not everyone with me on this would agree
Since we all look at life in our ways differently.

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