Sunday, March 12, 2017

In Poetasters Hell

There may be a place for me in poetasters hell
Where with notebook and pen i can write doggerel
Such an after earthly life would suit me okay
Since with rhyming words i am one who does love to play

Where none would say of me he is not a poet
Nor care if i am not one who is worthy of literary note
I would be among those of Earthly ill fame
In hell everybody is treated as the same

None for to say of me he is not a success
In the place of the damned where there is none to impress
Though in my earthly life penning of doggerel my biggest crime
For to write it in hell i will have plenty of time

I will not be in heaven where angels do dwell
There are no rooms there for writers of doggerel
I will be where no one does care that i do not write well
Scribbling worthless rhymes down in poetasters hell.

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