Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March The First In The Moyne Shire

On the first day of March in the Moyne Shire the first day of the Southern Fall
The weather is so very warm it does not feel like Autumn at all
The sun glowing bright in the blue sky on a weather temperature high for the day of thirty three degrees
Even in the shade it is quite warm with only a very slight breeze
In a voice that is familiar to many and a voice that is familiar to me
A white backed magpie is warbling on a high branch of a sunlit gum tree
His kind among Australia's finest feathered songsters does sing every day of the year
Their flute like notes heard in all sorts of weather and always a joy for to hear
The dry grass in the dry paddocks the color of sun faded hay
And out of the sun in the tree shade the cattle chewing their cuds do lay
Of white butterflies there are many seemingly dancing in the sunny sky
So little time for them for living the sun on their wings as they fly
The first day of the calendar Autumn it is quite warm in the Moyne Shire
On what is a total fire ban day one lit match could start a huge fire.

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