Saturday, March 4, 2017

Motherly Love

When it comes to the welfare of her offspring fear to her becomes a stranger
The mother to protect her young puts her own life in danger
Stories of human and animal mothers on behalf of their young nothing short of amazing
The love and bravery of a mother is something well worth praising
The mothers who have sacrificed their lives to save their young to say the least are many
Of greater sacrifices of love than this there surely are not any
The love of mothers for their young is a love that is often under rated
Compared to other sorts of love it is not often celebrated
The love of mothers for their young is something well worth admiring
A love that transcends the fear of death and this is quite inspiring
We read and hear of every day of love that is based on passion
Though many of such loves are not known to last they are never out of fashion
Many human and animal mothers have died in protecting their young from danger
For the welfare of those she gave birth to fear of death to her becomes a stranger.

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