Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Perhaps Never More

Perhaps never more to climb on Clara when Summer sun is in the sky
And eat whortleberries from the heather on an evening in July
Or see the brown trout in clear Finnow pool spotted skins gleaming in the sunshine
What i only now can visualize in reality once was mine
All i have now are the memories of the song the chaffinch sing
Or the dark winged barn swallows the returned feathered migrants of the Spring
Home to breed and raise their broods from warm climates far away
Above the old fields chasing flying insects they spend many hours each day
Perhaps i will never again see the hawthorns cloaked in their white blooms of the May
Or wafting in the breeze get the scent of young grass freshly mowed for silage or hay
All i do have left are memories of what never more will be
The years on me now are telling time is catching up on me
And we can only live in the now as the wise person does say
This evening at the stroke of midnight the past it will be today.

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