Sunday, March 19, 2017

Protecting Your Seed

In sexual drive with it's source in pleasure in most people a need
Linked in nature as the survival of our genes one of the main reasons we breed
This is what is known to some as protecting your seed
Us humans like most other creatures are quite complex indeed

The truth in Einstein's theory of relativity seems quite hard for one to deny
Not unlike wild rabbits us humans in numbers multiply
And like rabbits many of our kind in shootings and due to diseases at a young age do die
I only state fact here and fact never lie

Wild rabbits due to their damage to the natural environment by most people not held in high esteem
But us humans are more damaging than they are to the environment or so it does seem
We do not seem to realize that the World is for us to live in and with others creatures to share
Because of us many non human species are extinct or becoming rare

Sexual pleasure in humans and all other life forms strongly linked to the survival of d n a
Since we too are creatures of nature and this is nature's way
Of ensuring our survival though i am quite wrong on this many would say
But it is each to their own and make of this what you may.

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