Thursday, March 9, 2017

Since I Am Not A Literary Critic

Since i am not a literary critic why ask me who should or should not be worthy of literary note
Like who is or is not a playwright or novelist or journalist or a poet
In literature only the opinions of the literary critics and uni literary dons to any thing does amount
And the literary opinions of one such as i are not even seen for to count
In the late twentieth and early twenty first century literature has undergone change
But with the passing of time this is not anything strange
Since time does bring with it changes to give to it what is it's due
And that old ways do lose out to it only happens for to be true
Literature and cultural values have changed much since i was a boy
The old poems and stories by the fire at night i used to enjoy
Told and recited by then aging mentors times are quite different today
Among the long deceased at peace forever they do lay
But who is or is not a good writer is not for me for to say
I leave this to those who for their opinions are quite well rewarded in pay.

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