Friday, March 17, 2017

Stranger Than Fiction

The sweet taste of love it is ever so sweet
They kissed by the unshaded window in the room near the street
That true love blossoms outwards from love's inner glow
Is something that everyone does seem to know

People walking by on the pavement of the caressing and kissing did have a clear view
But none stopped to stare this to them nothing new
In the twenty first century public displays of affection are quite the in thing
And from most people not even a second glance kissing and cuddling does bring

But the passion of the young lovers of one middle aged man did catch the eye
With a rope looking for his donkey he stopped on passing by
He overheard the young man say to his lover i see the beauty of the world in your eyes
Which to his curiosity only gave further rise

He said if you see the world in her eyes look again and tell me
If my missing donkey anywhere in there you do see
But the lovers went on kissing to his question they paid no heed
They choose to ignore him in his time of need

A story that i was told the other day
And whether he did or did not find his donkey the story teller could not say
He assured me the story is true but make of it what you may
That truth can sometimes seem stranger than fiction it does seem this way.

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