Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Such A Wonderful Thing

Those who do live in the poor side of the town
Who can laugh at life though financially down
Are people that one does have to admire
For to survive the hard times they have what it does require

They are the victims of birth circumstance
And of success in life they do stand little chance
Though they are very poor they never complain
And hope for a better future they do retain

That they can laugh though they live in poverty
Is quite admirable would you not agree
With their tough situations they have learned how to cope
Where there is laughter there also is hope

To despair they refuse for to give in
Their will to survive it does come from within
Laughter it does bring some joy to their day
And in their minds do keep the black moods at bay

Laughter it is such a wonderful thing
Some joy to the poorest it even does bring
One has to admire the financially down
Who can laugh at life in the poor side of town.

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