Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Grumpy And The Moody

You can tell grumpy people by their body language or tone of voice
On how we do treat others we surely have a choice
On to be cordial in your greetings there is not a monetary price
It does not cost you anything in money to be nice
Of grumpy and moody people most do not wish to know
In truth one can say of them that they lack in the inner glow
They always seem so serious seems so hard for them to smile
At least they are what they appear to be and they seem free of guile
Yet i am one of many who is attracted to a smiling face
Wherever to they do go they bring joy to the place
Everyone is different as the wise one does say
But it takes a happy person for to bring joy to your day
I only can be nice to people who are nice to me
And the grumpy and the moody to their ways i leave them be.

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