Friday, March 17, 2017

Though I Am Getting On In Years

Though i am getting on in years i have good hearing and good eyes
And i am lucky in my life i have come to realize
I have good health and in any way not physically impaired
And of any afflictions or illnesses one of the lucky to have been spared
I do not have any reason for to complain
Since i have never suffered of any physical prolonged ache or pain
Of most allergies and their sort i do live free
It does seem lady luck she is smiling on me
So many people have sad personal stories to tell
Of how for years they have been living as physically quite unwell
Good and decent people it seems sad to say
That life has not been kind to them as health goes anyway
I am luckier than most are my health is quite okay
The lady of luck has been smiling my way.

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