Tuesday, March 28, 2017

To Be Flawed Is To Be Human

Even the best of people are flawed in some way
To be flawed is to be human in truth one can say
Though some far more flawed than others is also quite true
And to every good living person honor and respect is her or his due
Though i have been to many places walked on many a street
A living saint is one i have yet for to meet
But what some look for in others they only do see
And i dislike in others what i dislike in me
It is said of pride it comes before a fall
Many of the wealthy are quite greedy in their ways and not nice people at all
But some of them who have been declared bankrupt have committed suicide
They have chosen death over living with a loss of pride
And in a Human World where somebody's loss becomes another's gain
That to be flawed is to be human the fact does remain.

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