Tuesday, March 21, 2017

To Be One Of A Famed Family

To be one of a famed family of feathered songsters his main claim to renown
He sings every day in the park of the town
Why he sings in all Seasons i leave it to those who know Nature better to explain
In all sorts of weather wind, sunshine or rain
In town parks, woods and paddocks of the countryside
The black and white Australian magpies are known Nationwide
Familiar in their appearance and in their warbling song
Once seen and once heard one can never again get them wrong
Territorial birds many of them in years known to live long
Their natural strong links to territory remains ever strong
Till of old age or some other reason they eventually die
That they are Nature's survivors of them not a lie
He sings to warn his neighbor kind to stay clear of his territory those who know of Nature say
And i do hear him warbling in the park every day.

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