Wednesday, March 15, 2017

To Most Politicians

To most politicians selfishness, greed and love of power to their egos is fuel
They have the mentality of the born to rule
That we give them the power and then of them complain
Is something that is way beyond me to explain
We are governed by people with big egos i firmly believe
Suppose some of our karma in life on this way we receive
Those who call a politician the honorable member has got it all wrong
To far more worthy people than they are the word honorable belong
To their political opponents in parliament they do not have any kind words to say
Like schoolyard bullies they behave in an obnoxious way
Their policies for many only poverty create
It is not for poor people that they legislate
That they govern for all they may well pretend
But any politician i know of does not have one poor friend.

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