Sunday, March 12, 2017

We Read And Hear Of

We read and hear of the wealthy and famous they are in the news every day
And nothing about poor people their lives not seen as important sad to say
Though news of the wealthy and famous has become rather boring to me
They are admired by the masses each to their own is how it seems to be
Poverty like wealth in the Human World does come in varying degrees
Though the difference in living standards almost non existent between the homeless, stateless and the refugees
The Human World is all about winners and they do become widely known
And the stories of the poor and downtrodden the populist media has chosen to disown
In the Human World only the big winners the impressionable Masses admire
It is not the poor of the World that the aspirational inspire
Yet for winners there has to be losers the Human World works in this way
This is how it is and it always was and this is how it will always stay
That the winners are always applauded this is how it is and will remain
And somebody's loss as has been said always becomes somebody's gain.

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