Saturday, March 4, 2017

Where Love Is

Where love is there never is anger or bitterness jealousy or strife
And those who have love in their being do love self and others and life
Though too much love of self leads to narcissism and narcissism is love gone wrong
Where love is you will not find a narcissistic person since where love is only love belong
Where love is dislike and hatred are strangers and compassion and kindness abound
For those who have love carry it in them and among others do share it around
Those who have love always good people and love in the World they promote
Where love is there never is trouble to war it is an antidote
Where love is conceit always absent and for arrogance there is not any space
For such feelings in love surroundings would definitely be out of place
Love does give rise to love of others and where love is there is harmony
Those who do have love in their being are an asset to humanity
Where love is you also find happiness for they seem to interrelate
And where love is there is joy and laughter and those with love life celebrate.

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