Friday, March 10, 2017

Why Cannot We Be Nicer To Each Other

Why cannot we be nicer to each other some in their words like to put others down
There are many so many people cruel with their words in every village, city and town
If you for some reason do not like a person of this person unkind things do not say
like you too this person too has feelings though you may not see it in this way

I know that i am far from a perfect fellow in some of my ways i am very small
But one thing that i do have in my favor is i believe on a fair go for all
Cruel words to the feelings are quite hurtful and hurt feelings as ever do smart
I only can admire the people who on hurting others feelings never do take part

If you do not like another person her or his praises you do not need to sing
But among your friends in your words do not demean this person on your behalf to do so is not a nice thing
Far too many judgmental people putting those they do not like under verbal attack
For cruel words when they are put out there are never again easy to take back

Why cannot we be nicer to each other to be kinder we do not need to pay
Far too many far from nice people their game of hurting others feelings like to play
Though perhaps i am not one to be preaching since i am far from perfect it does seem
But to be saying unkind things of those that i do not like would do nothing for my sense of self esteem.

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