Friday, March 17, 2017

Young Ben

At the loss of his granddad five year old Ben is in tears
Trying to come to terms with human mortality in his tender years
The grief at the loss of a dear friend it has hit him bad
He is learning at a young age that life sometimes can be sad

Can i talk to granddad by phone to his mum he does say
In his new home in heaven from here far away
She tells him the phone line to heaven is too busy today
And do not worry about granddad he is happy where he is and feeling okay

To feel the grief of loss in his human existence he has come to this stage
He does realize that life is not always happy at a very young age
Yet too young to understand that granddad in the flesh he will never more meet
To play cricket with him in the park off of high street

The grief he feels at present in time will subside
And he will come to terms with that the body of granddad has died
And that tears to the eyes come from the well of the heart
And that sadness and joy of life are a part

The loss of his deceased grandfather young Ben does grieve
But what his mum tells him he does believe
That he will meet granddad in heaven one day
And in a sunlit park cricket they will play.

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