Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Eileen Collins

Eileen was a Murphy of Ballydesmond of the Cork Kerry border on the Cork side
Her loyalties were to Cork her whole lifetime the red flag she did wave with pride
A good mother to her son Fergal in Australia and to Noel Collins a devoted wife
A Kerry man with loyalties to Kerry that will remain with him for life

Good memories do last a whole lifetime for memory in time seems to stand still
For many years they lived in Millstreet the Town in view of Clara Hill
Eileen and Noel quite well liked people and they did make many a friend
But of late very sad news on Eileen that her life journey has come to an end

For all of us there is a last Season a final night and final day
On the length of human life never any guarantee when death comes who is for to say
Eileen loved her friends and her family quite a good person in every way
She has gone home to Ballydesmond forever in peace for to lay

Her genes in her son and her grandchildren living a part of her only has gone
And good memories of her in all who did know her for their lifetimes will be living on
She lived as a good person should live she never done anyone wrong
She may have lived for years in Millstreet but her heart in Ballydesmond belong

She has gone home to Ballydesmond where she lived in her younger years
Eileen Collins surely a great person one well worthy of farewell tears
Never more to see the gray fog of rain creeping down the face of old Clara Hill
And her heart that beat with love and kindness sad to say is forever still.

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