Sunday, April 2, 2017

For Australian Farmers

For Australian farmers a poor financial year
Of the woes that beset them we read of and of hear
Of locust and mouse plagues and flooding and drought
In the age of Climate Change among the rural community of a future in farming much doubt

In the drought stricken paddocks the ground cracked and dry
In numbers the rabbits seem to multiply
Cattle and sheep losing weight and livestock prices down
A poorer farming community is bad news for every rural town

In parts of the country crops being destroyed by flash flooding the weather acting strange
But this is to be expected in a time of Climate Change
Not a great future for Australian farmers in the twenty first century
Many land owners feeling the stress of financial poverty

In 2016 and 2017 in Australia Nationwide
Many farmers due to financial bankruptcy have committed suicide
Out of the woes that beset them they could not see a way
They feel that they have failed their families when their bills they cannot pay

For Australian farmers tough times and more tough time ahead
And due to financial stress sad to say some of them are now dead
The weather against them and acting quite strange
And vermin and insect plagues in a time of Climate Change.

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