Sunday, April 2, 2017

If Women Were Running Governments

If women were running governments there would be less wars to fight
And far less emphasis on the superiority of might
Though sadly some women in positions of power like aggressive male leaders behave
Aggression like war mongering males they carry with them to the grave
But only a minority of women behave in this way
Women in a whole are less egotistical and aggressive than males are one might say
Among the war criminals of human history the names of very few women you will find
And plenty of males who have brought shame on themselves and human kind
And though the praises of egotistical males the impressionable do sing
Arrogance and aggression in most parts is mostly a male thing
Aggressive males like the weeds of the garden stifle every flower
We do need more females in governments in positions of power
As the leading criminals in human history males lead the way
That us males in general far more aggressive than females only true for to say.

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