Monday, April 10, 2017

It Is Sad To See Political Leaders

It is sad to see political leaders who know so little about those in dire poverty
Who never do speak of homeless people the poor victims of inequality
It seems that they hardly do matter as few of them vote on election day
To be poor and homeless and hungry is to be ignored sad to say
There are no votes in talking of poverty for politicians so of such a subject they do stay clear
They would much prefer to talk of terrorism and spreading their message of fear
Or of economic rationalization or of getting tougher on crime
Their aim is to keep their voters happy their sort of negativity works for them every time
The people we vote into parliament are our reflective mirrors it does seem
It does say far more about us in those we hold in high esteem
Than any words spoken or written for words are so easy to say
Most of the well off do not care about those in poverty since they themselves are doing quite okay
Politicians never talk of housing homeless people with them it is out of sight and out of mind
You will not win a seat in the parliament if you are compassionate and kind.

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