Wednesday, April 19, 2017

John Masefield The Poet

His great and large output of literary works have outlived him by decades of time
John Masefield the poet who wrote stories in rhyme
For many years Britain's Poet Laureate but in truth of him one can say
He was a true poet of the people in his lyrical way

Few poets of his time with him one could hope to compare
His type of writer was then even quite rare
Even many of his longer poems today are loved and read and widely known
Though long deceased the fans of his writing in numbers have grown

One of the last great rhyming poets none quite like him today
John Masefield was one who with words had a way
As a favorite of those who love rhyming poetry his poems do remain
With those who a literary liking for rhyme does retain

More than half of a century beyond the death of his mortal body his remains a great literary name
One who in his lifetime remained humble despite his widespread fame
A sailor and a poet in his literary prime
John Masefield the man who wrote stories in rhyme.

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