Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Johnny Big Nose

We all have our physical blemishes one does suppose
I know of this fellow with a large nose
By the nickname of Johnny Big Nose he is known
Though to this he will tell you my nose is my own

Single in his mid twenties one who hates his nickname
Though for this in truth him one hardly can blame
If you call him by his nickname him you will offend
This would be one way of losing him as a friend

What he lacks in physical beauty he more than makes up for in another way
Since he performs a good deed sometimes more every day
Always willing to help those of helping in need
For his future good karma he plants the good seed

Johnny Big Nose the name he is known to many by
But why he does not like his nickname no need to ask why
Since nicknames can be offensive in truth one can say
And to those who offend you respect to seems hard to pay.

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