Saturday, April 22, 2017

On Barnaby Joyce

With a ruddy round face and a very loud voice
The Deputy Prime Minister of Australia Barnaby Joyce
The leader of the National Party quite famous and widely known
But i for one cannot say of him that he is in a class of his own

Though many with what i say of him would not agree
Barnaby does seem quite ordinary to me
Since never any pro natural environment statement ever leaves his big mouth
That he is not a friend of Nature he leaves none in doubt

Pro everything that is toxic to the natural environment of him one can say
Barnaby would have more coal mines if he had his way
He wants to create more short terms jobs at a huge environmental cost
For to describe the utterance of his thinking for words i am lost

For giving politicians like Barnaby Joyce the power and the fame
The anti environmental voters are those for to blame
And sadly as ever their sort not of the few
And this is not saying anything that is new

That the economy is built on the Natural Environment many fail for to see
With them ignorance is bliss is how it seems to be
It is they who gave us this fellow named Barnaby Joyce
With a ruddy round face and a rather loud voice.

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