Tuesday, April 18, 2017


His future predestined for him to live elsewhere
Simon left his hometown for the big World out there
A young migrant fellow quite close to his physical prime
Content in his life one who knows how to have a good time

One who does work hard for good take home pay
He knows he would be unemployed if in his hometown he did stay
Since there unemployment is rife and many young people are on the dole
And are living their lives in a financial hole

Of late young love it has blossomed in Simon's life
He has met Ann the beautiful young woman who will become his wife
As a carpenter for a building company he earns a good take home pay
And he is looking forward to his wedding day

To the love of his life the beautiful Ann
Simon considers himself to be quite a lucky man
For his first home far away he does not have any tears
There he left at nineteen going back in time four years.

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