Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Brave Old Survivors

One might say their own legends in wars they fought in they have made
And from history they will not be allowed for to fade
On every war memorial day and in every war street parade
For the bravery in the name of freedom in war they had displayed

A far better physical day of they did know
As to the war memorial behind the citizen band they shuffle on slow
The medals for bravery on the lapels of their coats on display
As proof that they fought in a war far away

As young soldiers they were trained on how to shoot for to kill
But lessons are not learned from war history and perhaps never will
For as long as there are patriots and nationalists and religious people in the extreme
We will always have conflicts and wars it does seem

Behind the citizens band they slowly do lag
The men who had risked their lives for the colors of a flag
The brave old survivors of them one can say
Who as young men saw action in a war far away.

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