Tuesday, April 25, 2017

We Are The Irish

We are the people of laughter and mirth
Irish by nature and Irish by birth
When in the mood for fun we celebrate
And we know how to party on until late

Our ancestors knew of sadness and tears
And endured wars and hardships and many tough years
But their love of life till death with them did remain
Their spirit and compassion in our genes we retain

Proud of our culture though ours not an overbearing pride
Our music song and dance it is known Worldwide
To join us all others we do invite
Laughter and fun people known to unite

Of racism and oppression our people have known
But that we too are not flawless we do not disown
Of the praises of others we are known to sing
And that we can laugh at ourselves is a self effacing thing

Our people in wars and famines have been down but not out
That we are a race of survivors there is not any doubt
In many bloody wars our young men their lives gave
In their belief of freedom and justice at least they died brave

Of major crimes against humanity such as genocide
Of such we do not have any secrets to hide
From our own small Country we have traveled far
We are the Irish and proud of who we are.

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