Monday, April 24, 2017

Young Jimmy The Randy

For having sex with other men's wives always some price to pay
Handsome Young Jimmy The Randy not looking handsome today
With eyes blue and swollen and a broken nose
He has got his comeuppance one has to suppose

The story of how his face was rearranged he feels too embarrassed to share
A present to him from the fists of Big Dave The Bear
Who came home early from work and found him in bed with his pretty wife Ann
To be living today Jimmy is a lucky man

As a local young stud Jimmy's reputation has grown
And for seducing other men's wives he has become known
Whilst their husbands are working with them he has his way
But you cannot win them all in life as they say

His hour of passion with Ann did not end for him in a win
Those who dabble in danger can often perish therein
Once too often the laws of morality he did transgress
And his once handsome face now looks in a mess

Young Jimmy of late is keeping out of public sight
He is not in the pub eyeing married women tonight
Like the hunted fox he has gone to ground
Since news of his bashing by Big Dave it has got around.

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