Monday, May 1, 2017

Egotistical Bullies

The U S President who has the surname of Trump
To keep his ego inflated he does not need a pump
His brain is one big egotistical lump
When he bellows an order he expects his subordinates to jump
A billionaire so full of himself and full of self conceit
Yet the one many important people wish to meet
Why bullies like he is such great power does command
Is something i do struggle to understand
In their President the egotistical Putin the Russians have another dangerous bloke
So many dangerous narcissistic people like these two only the fires of war do stoke
With enough nuclear weapons at their disposal all of humanity to destroy
The thought of the damage they can do is not a source for joy
On their climb to success and ultimate power
Egotistical bullies have been known to crush many a flower.

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