Thursday, May 4, 2017

Familiar Birds To All Australians

The black and white Australian feathered minstrels birds with a silvery bill
Small birds, amphibians and small animals they have been known for to kill
They are known as Australian magpies or otherwise piping shrike
As birds they are quite territorial without any real look alike
The warbling songsters of all Seasons they sing every day of the year
From late Winter to late Spring when they are breeding at night singing one often them does hear
Crow sized towards other birds and even their own kind they are aggressive their territories they fight to defend
When they are nesting they even attack humans none other they wish to befriend
Familiar birds to all Australians every day them one does hear and see
Distinctive in their unmistakable warbling often on higher branch of a tall tree
They live in small family groups and often among each other they do disagree
I have often witnessed magpies fighting a sight that is familiar to me
As wild birds they are not the gentlest but they have a beautiful song
Once seen and once heard unmistakable you never again get them wrong.

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