Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I Yearn For

I yearn for a spot far from the noisy street
In the quiet countryside where the waterways meet
By the woods of the koala and wombat and gray kangaroo
And the big dark brown parrot known as yellow tailed black cockatoo

When in the mood for fancy my thoughts they do fly
To where no factory chimney puffs gray smoke to the sky
I yearn for clean air and the quiet life
Where there are many people noise and pollution are rife

I yearn for a cottage in view of a wooded hill
By a babbling brown creek whose tongue is never still
Far away from the town and it's noise and smoke
For to live out my years a contented old bloke

I am tired of the big town and the noisy street
Where every day people for material success do compete
Out there in view of the hills i know i would find
Where Nature reside contentment and peace of mind

I yearn for a cottage far from the big town
Where the creek from the foothills babbles in tongue of brown
On towards the big river it flows night and day
To the great ocean many kilometers away.

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