Saturday, May 27, 2017

In All Cemeteries

In all cemeteries are what were many good people and what were many criminals as well
It is a hard and a steep climb to heaven and an easy downhill road to hell
And whether there is a life for the soul post bodily death is not for me for to say
Only know that in every cemetery that the good and bad side by side do lay
The Human World is in need of many more good people and not of those who live for money greed
Those who for their future lives of good karma do never plant the good seed
I hope there is a post bodily death of hell and heaven for if not living as honest seems a waste of time
If the cheat is not punished for a life of crime
The person who helps those in dire poverty
Is morally superior would you not agree
To the corrupted and dishonest multi millionaire
Who is only interested on his or her own welfare
In cemeteries and burial grounds Worldwide
The good and the bad in life lay side by side.

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