Sunday, May 28, 2017

In The Bendigo City Botanical Gardens

In the Bendigo City botanical gardens deciduous trees turning brown
Where from the branches of the tall trees gray headed fruit bats roost hanging upside down
Bats in their hundreds roosting on almost every tree
In Nature there is always amazing sights for to see
The cold and wet days of Winter from central Victoria are not far away
But the park lands of Bendigo do look so green in May
Even in the big Town park lands Nature's creatures reside
That many wild born species adapt well to their urban environments of them cannot be denied
In the Bendigo Botanical Gardens fruit bats are the most populated species only true to say
Roosting hanging from the high branches all year round every day
At night in search of fruit bearing trees they travel far and wide
Out of the City of Bendigo into the countryside
And they return to roost in the Bendigo Botanical Gardens in the dawning gray
We do learn from Nature something new every day

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