Monday, May 15, 2017

It May Be A Winners Human World

It may be a winners Human World after all
But i feel happy that my life's greatest achievement is small
Compared to the achievements of many of the wealthy whose success for others meant poverty
That so many are hungry and stateless and homeless is not because of me
She or he quite a greedy one the known multi millionaire
Who with those doing it tough is not willing to share
That there are so many greedy people in the World is not any surprise
But that they cannot take their money to the cemetery with them they fail to realize
Since i know i will die with very little money to my name
For the millions in dire poverty in the World i cannot take the blame
Though for making of a better World to live in for others i too some part can play
By from one in need of helping not turning away
It well may be a winner's Human World after all
But i do not feel unhappy that my biggest achievement is small.

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