Friday, May 19, 2017

Jim And Shania

Shania the border collie sits by the garden gate
In the evening for her master Jim to come home from work she does patiently wait
And at his arrival she barks in delight
At what to her is always a welcoming sight

Though he did have a partner for a while in his life
Jim in his late twenties does not have a wife
But Shania to him does remain a true friend
In their love for their masters dogs never pretend

Whenever in the town park i do see Jim
Shania his faithful three years old black and white is always with him
He throws the tennis ball she returns it to him at speed
To love to play ball games is in her breed

Your dog's love for you is unrequited since dogs cannot pretend
A friend who will love you till her or his life will end
And since dogs to their loyalties and feelings never do lie
Shania will love Jim till the day she does die

Every evening for her master she waits at the garden gate
And the sight of Jim such excitement in her does create
In Shania Jim does have a true friend for life
A far more dependable friend than any partner or wife.

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