Friday, May 5, 2017

Many Of Us Humans Aggressive

Many of us humans aggressive by nature to say different would be to pretend
We are not that different to birds and animals in that with violence our borders we defend
Yet we never learn from war history mistakes of the past we repeat
In violence there are never winners where peace has lost there is only defeat
Every day on radio news of war and violence and terror and of people dying in a horrible way
That there cannot be peace where there is violence and this seems a sad thing to say
Wars for borders and religion and culture will warring ever come to an end?
Being angry and violent and aggressive will never win for you a friend
The people at peace with each other are quite lucky people indeed
For a better World to live in they are helping for to plant the seed
Some will tell you that war can bring about peace but for peace this is a huge price to pay
When people are killed or badly injured in war zones and rendered homeless and stateless every day
Many of us humans are violent and aggressive and we like to celebrate heroes of war
And men for to fight bloody battles have been known for to travel far.

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