Thursday, May 11, 2017

Many People Do Dream

Many people do dream of fame and financial success
And the human masses with their talents they wish to impress
But on saying such dreams come true only for the few
Is not telling you anything that is new

Not everyone does become wealthy and famous and known Worldwide
Such success is only for a tiny minority though many for it have tried
For a few to win big so many must lose
We all cannot have in life what we do choose

People every day for some form of success with each other compete
And there is always competition for attention where people with big egos do meet
This is how some people are and they always will be
Narcissism is self love gone wrong it does seem to me

That most people like to be liked is a natural thing
Though so many nowadays their own praises only sing
The numbers of people into self promotion are growing by the day
This is something that always used not be this way

Many people do dream of becoming wealthy and famous and great
Though not everyone the human masses wish to celebrate
In a World where many must lose for the winning few
And this is not saying anything that is new.

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